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Contents of Vietnam Travel Blogs  - Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City


Last year I had no chance to go to travel abroad, I would like it this year. So where do we go with your family? . The best place to go to resorts in the season. Looking at the brochures of travel agencies, Nha Trang? What’s in the country?

Surprisingly, in Vietnam. Nha Trang is the best season from around May to about August. Decided. There are also two resort hotels of the six senses  brand.

I jumped into the travel agency, but was eye popping prices. And at the point of giving up・・・・・, found a site called ”TripAdvisor” hotel price comparison. If personal travel arrangements, found that thousands of dollars to decrease.

Decided to arrange for the first time at the hotel booking site. I began to prepare and I thought maybe okay. Because the hotel booking site system is very good. Were able to secure our room immediately.

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