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Cafe & tree‐lined street. ”Cours Mirabeau” Aix-en-Provence Maps (French Riviera – Provence – France) 

◆「Cours Mirabeau Aix-en-Provence」

It is a beautiful town in south France left from French Marseille at about 25km by the straight line. ”Cours Mirabeau” is at the center of Aix-en-Provence, and is as shown in the length of about 300m from the fountain”La Rotonde” to the east. It is a beautiful street where the oriental planetree grow in abundance on both sides of the road. The market seems to stand, and, here and there of the town, to queue up every week the fruit and the vegetable. Additionally, there seem to be a souvenir and other shop, too.

◆「Cours Mirabeau Aix-en-Provence」 Photo gallery

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