Taxi fee from Nha Trang Airport(Cam Ranh International Airport)/ Nha Trang, Vietnam

◆We went .?How much was the charge actually paid to the taxi?


?We arrived Cam Ranh International Airpor. However, taxi stand is not found.

カムラン国際空港 Cam Ranh International Airport (NHA)

・・・・I see a?taxi?there, from airport building to taxi station,?about?50m,?will?rumble?down?the baggage. Then・・・・・・calling in from here and there. ?Looking?around,?it seems that?aboard?Vietnamese people?choose?their favorite?cab.

カムラン国際空港からニャチャン(Nha Trang)までのタクシー料金/Taxi - Cam Ranh International Airport (NHA)


My family was caught by the taxi “QUOC TE TAXI.”

タクシー カムラン国際空港/Taxi - Cam Ranh International Airport (NHA)


When I heard?the fare, The?Vietnamese?driver?pointed across at sign (See?the photos below). If you look closely,?There are?three?taxi companies name on sign.

カムラン国際空港からニャチャン(Nha Trang)までのタクシー料金/Taxi fee- Cam Ranh International Airport (NHA)


Although it was worried about the rip-off taxi, it was OK in VND380,000.

When the paper of the destination (Novotel Nha Trang) prepared for the driver is shown, it is a reply with “OK.”?It is the drive of the darkness for about 30 minutes, and is arrival safely at Novotel Nha Trang.

I’ve?check the?taxi?in advance,?the conclusion?was?VND 380,000 from?Nha Trang Airport(Cam Ranh International Airport)to Nha Trang town.


Incidentally, the airport transfer was found at the time of check-in of Novotel Nha Trang.?10US$ per way per person.?In the case of a family, the taxi is cheaper.



Contents of Vietnam Travel Blogs ?- Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City

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