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Panoramic View is Great!! The deluxe room 16th floor of Hotel Novotel Nha Trang/Nha Trang, Vietnam

◆The deluxe room of the 16th floor of Novotel Nha Trang

Although it is the difference in the kind of room of Hotel Novotel Nha Trang, website is seen and it becomes clear. There are three kinds of rooms in Novotel Nha Trang except for a suite.

It is the Room size as to what is different.

Standard king room ・・・・ 36m2Superior king room ・・・・ 42m2Deluxe king room ・・・・ 58m2


When we went into the deluxe room, Hmm・・・・・Wide!  The room had an area of no less than 58 m2.

View from the deluxe room of the 16th floor - Hotel Novotel Nha Trang

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