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”Atelier Cezanne” Paul Cézanne house – Aix en provence

◆”Atelier Cezanne” Paul Cézanne house – Tourist Attraction / Aix en provence

Beautiful town Aix en provence in the south French Provence area left from French Marseille at about 25km by the straight line is famous also in the town of the art. It is a place where Paul Cezanne who was called father of a famous modern painting had the atelier at the end.

There is a “St Sauveur Cathedral” when coming to the north by about 500m while strolling on ” Cours Mirabeau “.

Then, let’s walk 800m to due north in addition.

In the guide of the tourist attraction maps of the travel deals agency, it is occasionally introduced as “Cezanne’s house”. However, it is “Atelier Cezanne. ” formal.

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